Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miss A 미쓰에이 Suzy 수지 "Red Rose for a Blue Lady" Editorial Inspired Look

Hello Darlings <3

It's that time of the month again and no i don't mean that haha I mean it's time for exams. I hope everyone is doing well with their exams or with whatever else is going on.
While "studying" I happened to stumble upon a video by Liah. For those of you who don't know her she is a fellow friend on youtube, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know. ;) She is super sweet and gorgeous! She makes awesome videos and I highly recommend everyone to check her out xD ! Also let me know Kristen sent you =D! 
Liah did such a great job and it looked amazing on her, it inspired me to give it a try! <3 This was my take on her version of K-Pop idol from the girl group Miss A, Suzy's photo shoot titled "Red Roses for a Blue Lady". If you are interested in Liah unni's version I will link it here

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
Makeup Forever HD Powder
Mac Beauty Power in Summer Rose

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer 
Jemma Kidd (JK) I-Style Pro DUo in 02 Boho
Physicians Formulas Pen Liner in Ultra Black
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in 0L
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liners in Deviant and Covet
Mac Eyeshadow in Talent Pool
L'OREAL Voluminous Hydrofuge Mascara 

Aquafina Lip Balm
Revlon Lipgloss in Pink Pop

Okay, i threw that last one in for you guys keke. As you can see i tweaked a couple things here and there to soot my eye shape, feel free to move things around as you please. Because this was very last minute, something I knew I had to try out, I wasn't able to put together my hair and do other things, but I will definitely try in the near future.
This look is really wearable and I love the pop of color on the bottom! It's a great start for those who are starting to experiment with colors ;)

I hope everyone is pressing on with their studies and I will be looking forward in spending this holiday with friends and family :) REMEMBER TO STAY WARM THIS WINTER!! its getting really chilly out!!More updates, inspired looks, and randomness to come ;)

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! celebrate with a haul !

i hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a happy holiday ;) I am thankful for everyone in my life and especially thankful to everyone who has supported me through every step in my life, whether if we've had known each other since young or if we've just met, I am grateful for everything! 

Every Thanksgiving the whole family gets together to enjoy a great meal ;) Usually for Thanksgiving each family brings a little something, pot luck style. This year we've decided to bring a few sides and my department was of course desert =D
I made pumpkin pie along with 2 different types of pumpkin cupcakes. 1 of them with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans sprinkled on top, the other with a cream cheese over lay. They are supper yummy, I hope everyone will enjoy =) 

quick haul for the month

 I wish everyone happy holidays <3

showing the tag is the new trend didn't you know. haha 

Thank you all for everything! and enjoy your time with your friends and family or whoever you are spending the time with. 

Remember a smile says it all <3 
Hugs & Kisses to all my lovelies!! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspired by the Immortals

how time has flown by, I will give a full explanation in another post but I just wanted to give you guys a little something to hold every down. This is just to show that yes, I am still alive :) and i wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me, even though I have been rather inconsistent with my postings.

Yesterday after watching the movie Immortals, which to be honest was a bit disappointed because I thought it was lacking in the intensity portion. But the leaving the plot aside I was inspired by the colors in the movie. Because the movie theme is based upon Greek Mythology and Greek times, it comes to no surprise that main color would be gold.

I wanted to create a look that is very simple and easy to wear everyday. And since the holidays are coming up it would great during get togethers.

Again forgive my unprofessional photography skills, its new to me still. keke ^~^
This look is very wearable ;) Dont be afraid to pay with colors, its all about gradually incorporating it in xP

I am thinking about doing a whole series based on this theme, let me know if this is something that you guys are interested in.
I hope everyone is doing fine, look forward to an upcoming haul post xD
As always keep checking back for more updates and post, and dont forget to leave a comment and feel free to ask me any questions ;)
I will talk to everyone soon !! <3<3


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lets Relax ^~^

Happy Sunday Everyone!!
I hope you are having a relaxing sunday afternoon like i am ;) Sometime you need a day where you do nothing haha
Well.. I didnt do exactly nothing haha went out for breakfast, did grocery shopping and homework. Before I get back to studying, I thought I would share a quick go to look for everyone x)

I love glitters and sparkles <3 it ands a nice pop to any look ;)

Products used

Hope everyone enjoyed this very short post, Im off to study >.< SAD FACE! 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Killing time x)

why hello there dolls ;)
school has taken over yet again ;( anyone else breaking out because of life and school related stress?? i am! >.<  i always hate with teachers make everything due at the same time. i have 3 papers due in less than 48 hours ;( but i needed a break, so that means its time to blog.

This is off topic, but I wanted to address as issue that has hurt on of the many people who i hold dear to my heart. Nayoung unni, other wise known as blueoiseau88 on youtube, has been hurt because of harsh words said by people who are just ignorant, whether they ment to or not, their comments were very hurtful.  i will not go into so much detail but remember not to judge or stereotype a person by what is on the out side and keep a positive mind. Trust the other person is telling the truth, because even if you didnt mean it in a harsh way, words hurt. And for those of you who know unni, please show your love by subscribing to her channel and let her know how much you care! Unni, I love you so much, it breaks my heart to know that you were hurt. You are beautiful inside and out! HWAITING!!

OOOH i wanted to share with everyone a delicious treat ;P
I call these Black Bottom Cupcakes x)

They came out quite good if you ask me. I waited an hour for them to cool then i topped it off with a nutella and chocolate shavings ;P According to my friends and family they were delicious ^^
It was very easy to make with simple ingredients! 

On another note, UHOH! I've hauled again. haha I feel as though every post might have been a haul post, but what can i say.. i have a problem. haha just kidding!
I told my bffffffffffff Connie, you guys might know her as cyexquisite on youtube, but for those of you who dont know her i HIGHLY suggest checking out her channel ;) she is such a sweetheart and i love her so much! I love how we have become such close friends ;) if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU!! kekek ^0^ the reason why im mentioning my lovey Connie is because I told her if I ever pickup anything I would let her know asap, well I thought what better way then to show it in a post ;)

Here I've picked up a few Lioele products from my local store ;) 
Because of stress I have been breaking out and since I was running out of my acne serum and gel from Naruko, I thought why not give Lioele a try. If any of you have used any of these products, let me know how they worked for you? I love sharing thoughts! 

 They were also so kind enough to give me samples of other products to try ;) i love samples!! who's with me? hehe

 Lastly before I get back to writing my papers, here is a FOTD

Mac Enough Said Blush
Mac Perfect Topping Mineralized Skinfinish
Mac Eyeshadow in Cork (brows)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette: Halfbaked, Hustle
Mac Eyeshadow: Soba, Vapour
Physician Formula Dark Brown Pen Liner
Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Fresh Rose Lip Balm

sorry about to close up shots, im still finding the best way to show you my eye looks without the colors being washed out. It's a work in process ^~^

Thank you for stopping by ;) dont forget to show your love by leaving a comment down below and by follow ;)
Im off to finish my papers ;( Talk to you all soon!!