Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Skin Break Down

Can it be? A post already?? Less then a week has gone by and here is another post =] i must be getting the handle on blogging ^0^!! 
I will try my best to post weekly, hopefully every Thursday if possible ^^ let's cross our fingers!

I want to jump right in to reviewing skincare/makeup products, but before I do that I thought you should know what type of skin I have.  Everyones skin type and tone differ from person to person, so keep in mind my tone and texture will be different from yours and the products I use my not work for all of you.

My skin tone is a mixture of a yellow and pink under tones. While my neck and d√©colletage area is more on the yellow side. My cheeks, chin, around the nose and a bit of my forehead (basically the common areas when women are hormonal) is rather pink/red. Other then those areas I have a yellow undertones.

When it comes to texture, i have a few bumps here and there on the forehead and chin area, other then that i may have a break out here and there on my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin areas.
When I was younger I had sever acne that has thankfully subsided as the years went by. I do have slightly enlarged pores around the center on my face.

During the Fall to Winter season my skin tends to lean more towards a normal to combination type and during the Spring to Summer season it will lean towards Combination to Oily. So basically when it's more hot out i tend to be more combination to oily and when it's more cold out i tend to be more normal to combination. 

Because i use to stay out doors a lot when i was younger i do have a few sunspots/freckles around my face.

Overall Skin

-Pink and Yellow undertones
-Redness around the center of my face (cheeks, around the nose, chin, and forehead)

-Fall->Winter: Normal to Combination
-Spring->Summer: Combination to Oily
-Visible pores around the nose and center of the face
-A few sunspots/freckles around the nose and a couple scattered around the cheeks
-Acne prone
-Slightly dry under eyes

until next time, have a great day!! <3333333

XOXO  ^0^~~


  1. i am realy fall in love with your blog.. i followed u.

  2. Hi LaLaLovy,
    awww thank you so much, i hope you continue to enjoy the up coming posts =)