Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year Nails ^______~ !!!!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

As some of you might know, today is Chinese New Year!! ;) 
I want to wish everyone a great New Year and may your life be filled with hope and prosperity!
Celebrate the New Year with the ones you love =)
I hope everyone gets a lot of red envelops ^^ kekeke~ 

You guys might have seen my previous post (Stashing Haul) , where I shared pictured from Instagram, of my recent nails.  


For those of you who know, during Chinese New Year you are suppose to wear red 8) so I though I would be festive and get creative with my nails to celebrate the New Year ;)
Lucky for you guys one of the colors peeled of.. well in all honestly I was playing around with it hehe, so I thought why not show you how I achieved these nails :) 

Things you will need
  • Base Coat
  • First Color (red)
  • Second color (white)
  • Top Coat
  • Dotting tool (bobby pin) (tooth pick)

First apply your base coat 

Apply a thin layer of your main color, don't forget to cap the edges, sealing the free edge of your nails

Apply a another layer of main color until you have achieved the desired color

Dip your dotting tool (bobby pin) (tooth pick) into your accent color

Have dots placed spaced out from one another

Do this all along the surface of your nail

Top it off with your favorite top coat to have is shine 8) and once again cap the free edge.

Here I used the opposite colors on my other thumb 

Left Hand :)

Right Hand :) 

like nothing ever happened kekeke n_______n

TADA!!! easy right? Of course you are not subjected to only using these colors ;) I always say, play around with colors. You might just find a new combination you love! 
I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating the welcoming of the year of the Dragon n________n !!


  1. lovely.
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    1. Thank you for stopping by ;) i look forward to getting to know you more ! <3

  2. Aww pretty nails and super simple tutorial to follow!
    I hope you had a wonderful tome celebrating CNY with your family!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment <3 I am new at posting up nail tutorials so Im glad you liked it. I will try to create more fun designs in the future ! I wish you a wonderful CNY as well <3 Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. OMG I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCHHH!! KEEP IT UP THE GOOD WORK!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! come visit my blog and follow me if u like ^^ thank u !

    1. Im glad you like it hon <3 I will do my best to post more ;) you too! Thank you for stopping by <3

  4. happy chinese new year :)
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    xxx love

    1. Happy Chinese New Year to you too ^^ Thank you for stopping by <3 Checked out your blog as well :) love your looks <3 Cant wait to get to know you more ^~^

  5. These nails are absolutely adorable! My dots look messy even with a dotting tool, but yours look professional!

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by !! I tried haha I'm glad you liked them ^0^~ I try to keep it simple, yet cute ;)