Friday, January 20, 2012

Missha OH MY!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
I hope everyone is having a great break ;)

First off I want to say HELLO to all my old and new followers!! 8) Thank you for sticking with me for so long !! <3~ it truly means the world to me <3<3

If anyone is intrested, follow me on an app called instagram ;) search up: hellokristen
cant wait to see you guys there!!

A while ago missha US website a big sale going on, so you know I had to pick up somethings ;) keke Goodies Goodies and more Goodies!! YAY!!
Here's just a quick snap shot ;) for more details on what I got and thoughts leave a comment down below ;) 

Snap Shot 8P 

A cat eye with a hint of color on the bottom never goes out of style =]
try playing it up with different colors. they will definitely make your eyes POP~

Some other things I managed to pick up 

Leave comments down below or email me ;) i would love to get to know everyone so lets start now! ;D Dont be shy ;) even if youre just stopping by or just wanting to say hi, I want to hear it :) I know that we can all have fun getting to know each other! 8) 
Well thats all for now, more later :P 


  1. I was looking through your blog and you always have such great hauls! Very cool^^What is your favorite brand of makeup?

    Check out my blog too at

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the nice comment Dawn :) I enjoy all brands from drugstore to high end 8) I tend to use a mix of products/brands xP keke~ <3

  2. Awesome Haul! i'm so jelly, i have yet to try missha bb creams, my korean friends always recommend it ^__^

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) You should definitely give Missha a try.

  3. you have beautiful eyes:) and your article is realy intresting and usefull, thanks:)

    1. Aww thank you for the sweet compliment and for stopping by <3 I hope you continue to enjoy future posts n________n