Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WOOTD | Weekly Outfit Of The Day

Quick post on my outfits of the week. Let me know if you guys enjoy seeing outfit posts. I have officially finished my exams for the week and going to destress with some good old retail therapy ^^ let me know of you guys are interested in the things I pic up :)))

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Collective Haul | Aritzia

Hello Beautiful People,

It's been about 3+ weeks? :3 i know :( As you might have guessed, I am now back in school and more stressed out as ever! I hope you all can understand why I am unable to post as frequently as I would like >.< But moving on what better way to relieve stress then to do some retail therapy :)  So my gift to you is a long post on my retail therapy shopping at Aritzia!! ^O^~

Absolutely loving this top! Gorgeous royal blue true to color. Love the way this blouse is designed with a low cut v neck in the front and subtitle sheer opening in the back to give the illusion of mystery  The top lays over the bust giving you that modest sexy feel. Pair it up with leggings or jeans to dress it down and give more of a relax chic edge or put on s skirt and throw on some pumps for a more high fashion look. 

This silk top not only is great feeling to the touch, but has amazing foral detailing with its contrasting colors against the classic neutral background. 

A girl is nothing without her lace !

Closer details of the design

Black,  Robin's Egg Blue, and White

Again love my lace texture, so I had to pick up the short sleeved version to give me more options 

Black, Lilac, White, Coral 

Absolutely love this top so much had to pick it up in other colors as well. Definitely a staple in my collection. 

Can you see a common theme? When I find good staple pieces, whether they be simple tanks or fashion tops, I tend to by them in the same style but different colors. As you can see, I love lace ^~^

Both versions of the lace textured blouses are great for dressing up or down. I had to get the classic colors which are black and white because those colors goes with everything, but also I wanted to pick up some bolder colors and colors which I don't have already, hence the reason to by multiples of the same blouse ^^ That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it n____n kekeke

This might seem like the same picture as the on above, but indeed it's not. This one includes 2 pairs of leggings I forgot I picked up as well. Their leggings are too comfortable for words. The feel to how it shapes the lower half of your body is just right. 

The mittens in the upper right hang corner are the same true royal blue color as the previously shown top. This pair of mittens are incredibly warm with its knitted outer layer  and its hidden fleece lining on the inside. For those who don't know I get cold extremely fast and my hands feel like popsicles to the touch, but with these bad boys, my hands with be nice and toasty !! ^^

Definitely recommend stopping by your local Aritzia store or checking them out at Right now Aritzia is having their "Snooze You Lose Sale" going on, so don't forget to check that out :) If you guys would like links or the actual names of any of these pieces let me know down below:) Let me know what you guys end up picking up or what your favorite pieces are. Also if you purchase for their online store your package comes with such amazing detail to packaging, you really feel like you are treat specially by Aritzia.

To see how I pair up these pieces head on over to my Instagram where you will be able to find OOTD/OOTN posts and much more.

Hope you all had a great Chinese New Years and Valentine's day ♥ ~