Thursday, January 26, 2012

YesStyle Haul

YesStyle Haul ^O^!


This sweater is super duper soft! <3

A nice thick material 

Absolutely in LOVE with this scarf! 

More Later!! ;) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year Nails ^______~ !!!!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

As some of you might know, today is Chinese New Year!! ;) 
I want to wish everyone a great New Year and may your life be filled with hope and prosperity!
Celebrate the New Year with the ones you love =)
I hope everyone gets a lot of red envelops ^^ kekeke~ 

You guys might have seen my previous post (Stashing Haul) , where I shared pictured from Instagram, of my recent nails.  


For those of you who know, during Chinese New Year you are suppose to wear red 8) so I though I would be festive and get creative with my nails to celebrate the New Year ;)
Lucky for you guys one of the colors peeled of.. well in all honestly I was playing around with it hehe, so I thought why not show you how I achieved these nails :) 

Things you will need
  • Base Coat
  • First Color (red)
  • Second color (white)
  • Top Coat
  • Dotting tool (bobby pin) (tooth pick)

First apply your base coat 

Apply a thin layer of your main color, don't forget to cap the edges, sealing the free edge of your nails

Apply a another layer of main color until you have achieved the desired color

Dip your dotting tool (bobby pin) (tooth pick) into your accent color

Have dots placed spaced out from one another

Do this all along the surface of your nail

Top it off with your favorite top coat to have is shine 8) and once again cap the free edge.

Here I used the opposite colors on my other thumb 

Left Hand :)

Right Hand :) 

like nothing ever happened kekeke n_______n

TADA!!! easy right? Of course you are not subjected to only using these colors ;) I always say, play around with colors. You might just find a new combination you love! 
I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating the welcoming of the year of the Dragon n________n !!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stashing Haul

My Darlings!! <3
OOOH how I have missed you guys so much!!

Question of the Day: To Tumblr or Not to Tumblr?

I am contemplating whether to tumblr or not. What do you guys think? Let me know. I want to hear your thoughts. I'm still not quite sure on how tumblr works, but I'm sure I'll figure it out 8) Ima a fast learner and of course I will have you guys to help XP kekeke

I am in the process so sending out love packages to a few of my lovelies :) It's my first time at this, so hopefully all goes well. With any luck I will be able to link everyone to see what goodies I've packed ^^
If all goes well maybe I'll be able to do swaps and love packages with all of you ^~^ but lets take it one step at a time hehe =)
           Preview 8)

For those of you who don't know, I have a profile on Instagram.
I highly encourage everyone to follow me: hellokristen
and incase you aren't able to follow me here are some snip bits of what I share on Instagram.

My last haul before I go back to school. Nothing too special, mainly went in because I needed treatments for acne. If you guys have any suggestions as to which brand/product I should try leave a comment down below :) Im always in search for new items to try.

YAY for new stuff!!! kekeke ^~^
Thanks for stopping by. Continue to smile as life goes on. Always keep your hopes high and live with no regrets ^^ Come talk to me!! Can't wait to talk to you more soon! n______________n


Friday, January 20, 2012

Missha OH MY!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
I hope everyone is having a great break ;)

First off I want to say HELLO to all my old and new followers!! 8) Thank you for sticking with me for so long !! <3~ it truly means the world to me <3<3

If anyone is intrested, follow me on an app called instagram ;) search up: hellokristen
cant wait to see you guys there!!

A while ago missha US website a big sale going on, so you know I had to pick up somethings ;) keke Goodies Goodies and more Goodies!! YAY!!
Here's just a quick snap shot ;) for more details on what I got and thoughts leave a comment down below ;) 

Snap Shot 8P 

A cat eye with a hint of color on the bottom never goes out of style =]
try playing it up with different colors. they will definitely make your eyes POP~

Some other things I managed to pick up 

Leave comments down below or email me ;) i would love to get to know everyone so lets start now! ;D Dont be shy ;) even if youre just stopping by or just wanting to say hi, I want to hear it :) I know that we can all have fun getting to know each other! 8) 
Well thats all for now, more later :P