Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair, Eyes, and Nails of the Day

Why hello there dolls,

I want to find a way to get to know you and talk to all of you better. I was thinking about Facebook or Twitter. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Let me know!! I can't wait to here what you guys thinks ;)

Im kind of stumped, I have a couple of posts i still need to make, but I want to know what you guys want to see from me. =D leave your suggestions in the comment box below =P

On another note, here's a quick post of my hair, eyes, and nails of the day!

Hair of the day (HOTD)

A simple low-side bun with a braided and jeweled headband ;) 

This look was very easy to create and great for dressing up a simple bun =) 

Eye of the day & Nails of the Day  (EOTD) & (NOTD)
Heres another quick snap shot of my eye and nails ;) 

Upper & Lower Lids: a light cream shimmer
Upper lashline: black liquid liner
Contacts: T.Top Brown

Sorry it's not the best picture, they have grown out a bit =/ but i hope you enjoyed anyways ^^ 

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I know it's a short post, but im looking forward to reading all tour suggestions and comments ;) have a great day and weekend!! 


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Refer back to My Skin Break Down post to get a better idea of how the product worked out for me.

Missha M Perfect Cover B. B Cream SPF 42 PA+++

One of the most well known Korean bb creams on the market.

On the front it says,
“MISSHA M PERFECT COVER B.B CREAM offers a novel skincare concept with B.B cream. Which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.”
Also quoted from
"The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturising properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation. "

First off lets take a look at the packaging. It comes in a 50 ml pump-tube bottle. The over all packaging is quite simple being an all over red coloring tube with the top portion front and back of the tube having small gold dots. When you first look at the tube it may seem like an ordinary red bottle, but as light hits the surface of the packaging the tube gives off a golden sheen, which I do enjoy the subtle detailing to the package.
On the front of the bottle, in silver lettering, Missha’s logo M is on the top center on the tube with Perfect cover b.b cream right under it. Following that it tells you this product contains SPF42 PA+++ and the shade, in the case NO.21. after that it describes a little about the overall b.b cream and lastly labeled at the bottom is Missha’s name.

On the back it restates the product, shade, and functions in Korean.
Missha M Perfect Cover B. B Cream comes in 5 different shades. NO.13 Milky Beige, No.21 Light Beige, No.23 Natural Beige, No.27 Golden Beige, and No. 31 Golden Beige.  It is quite rare to find bb creams that have more than 1-2 shades. This definitely makes Missha more user friendly. (Swatches of colors can be found on the Misshaus website). 

Now on to the actual product review.

This bb cream is one of the thicker bb creams available. It supplies a good amount of coverage with a creamy consistency.


The creaminess of this product gives it the ability to glide on easily without having to use any effort to blend. Not only that, but it also has amazing medium coverage, which is easily buildable or sheered out. Another thing is that is bb cream is very moisturizing and does not leave any type of patchiness on the skin.

The undertone to this product leans more on the pink to neutral side with a hint gray undertone. This shade is more suitable for lighter skin tones.
This bb cream also does not enlarge pores or settle into fine lines.
After application the product does oxidize, changing the initial color, making it slightly darker than when it first came out of the tube.
This product does give off a slight perfume scent, which dissipates not long after applied.
Price for this can range anywhere between $13-$30 usd, which may sound like a big range, but it comes in a variety of sizes, from 20mL to 50mL. 

My experience:

I have no troubles blending this into my skin; I have used a brush, sponge, and even my fingers and all work great. Using different tools will give you different coverage. The color is suitable for my skin, though when first applied may seem a tad light and the color seemed to be off, but after giving it time to settle and oxidize, it works well. I enjoy how buildable the coverage is and how easily it is to sheer out. This also brought moisture to my face. I like wearing this bb cream during the drier, colder seasons because of the moisturizing factor, but this works well in warmer seasons as well. The fact that this also has a SPF of 42+++ is just one of the reasons why this is such an amazing product. Because of the type of skin I have, I do have to set with a powder. The oil control for me is about 6 hours before I have to blot. If I were to stay out for the entire day I would maybe have to blot every 5-6 hours. Another thing that I enjoy about this product is that it does not enlarge pores or settle into fine lines. The scent does not bother me nor have I experienced breakouts with this product, in fact, this bb cream have lighten, even diminished, preexisting acne scars and helped reduce existing blemishes. I can’t say too much on the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties in this product because I haven’t seen any dramatic changes, but it is still one of the main properties I like in this product. I feel as though my skin has truly benefited from Missha’s bb cream. This bb cream will always stay in my repurchase items. 

Let's move on to the photo review ;)
Here I have shown this product on my arm and on the back of my hand. 

not runny, thick consistency

easily blended half way on my hand

half way blended on my arm

full blended in my hand

fully blended in my arm

bare skin vs. Missha

very natural ;) 

Coverage: Medium-Full
Oil Control: ~6 hours
Undertone: Pink
Texture: Creamy
Suitable for: All Skin Types
Fragrance: Slight perfume smell
Finish: semi-matt to dewy 

For those first starting off with bb creams I think this is a great product to begin with. Given that Missha M Perfect Cover has a wider shade selection, it will be easier to find a better match for different skin tones. You may also want to try out the smaller sized bottle to see if you like it before purchasing the bigger one. :D

I have both shade No.21 and No.23. When I was more on the tan side No.23 matched well, but at the moment No.21 is a better match. 
If you would like me to do a comparison of shade No.21 and No.23 together, let me know down below :) and I will do my best to compare the two shades. 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is a BB Cream?

Before starting off with my reviews, many of you may wonder what is a BB Cream?
For those of you how don't know, BB Cream is a shorter way to say Blemish Balm Cream or Beblish Balm Cream depending oh where and what you get. Don't worry both terms are correct. ;}

BB Creams are one of the hottest and most famous beauty product in Asia. It first originated in Germany, created by a plastic surgeon, who initially created this product to help dermatologist with patients, who have under gone any type of surgery/chemical/laser peels.
BB Creams' purpose was to help heal delicate skin by protecting it from the suns harmful rays, sooth and refine the skin while keeping it moisturized, and hide any scaring or blemishes. Many times you will find whitening and brightening properties in BB Creams to help diminish and fight hyper pigmentation. You will also find properties for wrinkle care, anti-aging, and much more.
What is so great about BB Creams is how versatile they are. Not only is this product for woman, but believe it or not there are companies that have a line aimed towards men. The most common way is to use it to replace foundation, but there are so many other ways that it can be used. The functions for this product are never ending, from a base to a primer, moisturizer to sunblock, even as a pore minimizer and skin brightener. Use it as a base for makeup, foundation, concealer, highlight, or use it to double up as apart of your skincare routine.

Image Source:

This product is meant to give the user a fresh, natural, and flawless face, which is why it is so popular especially amongst Asian countries. It is defiantly a big hit in the Asian market and slowly transitioning overseas.
Like everything else in like, there are faults to this product. With most BB Creams, they only provide 1-2 shades and both are pretty light. There are some rare companies that has a wider range, but not by much.
Something to keep in mind about this product is that it does oxidize after time. A lot of times the product will come out a bit too light, but after giving it time to oxide it will give you a closer match. More often than not mot BB Creams have a grayish undertone to them.
Another thing is coverage, depending on which type/brand you are looking for the coverage will range from sheer to medium-full coverage.

Image Source:

There are so many different types of BB Creams made by many different companies. I defiantly recommend giving BB Creams a try.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Start The Morning Fresh!

Hello dolls~!!

Everyday I like to start my day off with a fresh face 8D

First I always start off washing my face and applying my face routine {which will be posted and linked soon}
After all that is done, I will sometimes start off with a primer.

On most days I reach for my Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence In Primer.
I let that sit for a few seconds before dotting a base/bbcream all over my face. I tend to switch off which ones I use depending on my mood and how the weather is like.

The most reached for are Missha M Perfect Cover, Lioele Dollish Veil Vita, and Dr. Jart Silver label. After dotting it all over my face i use a brush or fingers to blend it all in. 

I let that settle on to my skin before topping it off with Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder, or, Etude House Dream On Pact. Then I'm done and ready to start my day ! ^^

This is optional, but when I do feel like adding a bit more, I like to give a little warmth and definition to my face I use Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in a color 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone. Another option that i go for is either Nars bronzing powder, The Blam bronzer, or NYC bronzing powder. I follow the hollows of my cheeks and jaw line blending it into my temples and whatever is left on the brush i shade the sides of my nose.
At times I will finish the look off with a soft wash of color on my cheeks, usually in the pink to coral family, and highlight with a pearl iridescent powder or cream. 
I also never forget to hydrate my lips with a balm that contains SPF and a gloss that gives my lips a bit of a tint before leaving the house.

~A tutorial on this will be uploaded soon~

That about wraps up my everyday fresh faced morning. On most days I just use bb cream and set with a powder. I find it gives my face a more refreshed feel. On days were I wish to look more dewy/moisturized I either don't set with a powder or spray a mist on top of the powder.

Its an Easy and simple everyday routine to start off your day. Of course you may add or substitute as you wish.

As usual leave your comments or questions down below or you can always email me =)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Skin Break Down

Can it be? A post already?? Less then a week has gone by and here is another post =] i must be getting the handle on blogging ^0^!! 
I will try my best to post weekly, hopefully every Thursday if possible ^^ let's cross our fingers!

I want to jump right in to reviewing skincare/makeup products, but before I do that I thought you should know what type of skin I have.  Everyones skin type and tone differ from person to person, so keep in mind my tone and texture will be different from yours and the products I use my not work for all of you.

My skin tone is a mixture of a yellow and pink under tones. While my neck and décolletage area is more on the yellow side. My cheeks, chin, around the nose and a bit of my forehead (basically the common areas when women are hormonal) is rather pink/red. Other then those areas I have a yellow undertones.

When it comes to texture, i have a few bumps here and there on the forehead and chin area, other then that i may have a break out here and there on my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin areas.
When I was younger I had sever acne that has thankfully subsided as the years went by. I do have slightly enlarged pores around the center on my face.

During the Fall to Winter season my skin tends to lean more towards a normal to combination type and during the Spring to Summer season it will lean towards Combination to Oily. So basically when it's more hot out i tend to be more combination to oily and when it's more cold out i tend to be more normal to combination. 

Because i use to stay out doors a lot when i was younger i do have a few sunspots/freckles around my face.

Overall Skin

-Pink and Yellow undertones
-Redness around the center of my face (cheeks, around the nose, chin, and forehead)

-Fall->Winter: Normal to Combination
-Spring->Summer: Combination to Oily
-Visible pores around the nose and center of the face
-A few sunspots/freckles around the nose and a couple scattered around the cheeks
-Acne prone
-Slightly dry under eyes

until next time, have a great day!! <3333333

XOXO  ^0^~~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

M.I.A.. New Hair and updates

Hello Hello Eveyone!!
Ive been M.I.A… again :( !! I am back update on what has been going on since I have last posted. It seems I have a bad habit of posting and leaving =( MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES!! I don’t mean to be so careless, but things have been so hectic lately. It always seems to get that way around end of summer.

Unfortunately for me, my summer has officially ended with the beginning of classes. This semester has to be my busiest yet. Full units and then some takes a lot out of a person. Because of my super cramped schedule I hope everyone will understand if I am unable to update often. Although I may not be the best at blogging or the able to post daily, I do respond to everyone’s comments and email, so feel free to contact me with any of your questions of comments !! n_________n

UPDATE!! I am an official scuba diver!! It took a lot of strength and of course I could not have done it without the support and the love of my family.  And a special thanks to my “patana” (inside joke) other wise known as my diving partner! <3 I love each and every one of you! I will also be going out on a dive trip this weekend! YAY!!

Of course you must know by now I cannot resist a haul ^^ nothing major just a glimpse so recent products. There were a couple other things picked up here and there but I forgot what they were u.u sorry! Haha I have a habit of putting them all away right when I get home ;P

A couple of the items were suggested by Nayoung unni !!! ^^ other wise known as oiseau88 on youtube =] if you guys haven't heard of her before go check her out! she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet!! UNNI!! if you see this,
사랑해요 saranghaeyo~ ! 

New Hair ^^ i felt like i needed a change ;P 

I will also be making another order soon so be on the look out for of course another haul =) are there any products you like that you think I might like to try out? Let me know below =) Ive also been waiting to try Lancome’s Visionaire and Estee Lauder’s Idealist skincare!! But because I have so many products now those just might have to wait.

As we speak I am making a list of posts I need to put up. The number one thing on my list are reviews! I know a couple of you have waited too long for my reviews on different products =___________= im sorry! No excuses will be made, I will sure to have those up soon! I cant wait to share my thoughts with you guys!

I am also going to make a side bar with links to some sites I shop at and sites that I would recommend. The side bar will have links to different sites that sell a variety of goodies =) Let me know if there are any other sites you would like me to link, I will try my best to give recommendations!