Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taupe On Shoes

Hello Hello Fashionistas !

I'm so excited to show you guys a new pair of shoes I added to my collection.  I love the color of these lovelies, I don't own any pair that are of the taupe family. The material is suede, so I will definitely not be wearing these babies in the rain. These were such a steal at 70% off! I KNOW! CRAZY! That just adds to the excitement. 

Stay toned for an OOTD, can't wait to take these out for a test run! A back to school lookbook series will be on its way as well! ;) 
Rock on your shoe addiction my fashionistas 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Hello Pretty People ♥~

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, in my last post I updated you guys on my recent hair change ;) A bit different than how my hair use to be right? Haha Go Big, or Go Home! ;) 

Of course the photos are a bit enhanced, just so the color would show up a bit more, but the color is still nice and vibrant enough for me x) 

 Milk Tea 
One of the most interesting milk teas with fresh cream I've ever had : ) 
I'm already craving for more ^^

This will either be the last or second to the last consistent post I will make because school is just around the corner. With my very packed schedule, I feel as though I might not have enough time to blog as often. And because I didn't want to be absent with no explanation I'm letting you guys know ahead of time, just incase you were curious. Just because I wouldn't be able to blog as much I will still be on blogger, waiting to chat with everyone ♥ 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year, New Hair ;)

By request and great feed back from you guys, I asked in a previous post, which would you prefer, longer or shorter posts? Let me know which style you rather see. For now, lets start off with a long post. Be warned this is very photo heavy ;) Lets Begin! ^^ 

What better way to start the new year then to start off with a fresh new look. Since I haven't had an actual haircut in ~1-2 years, I figured it was time ;) I decided to cut quite a bit of length. I've had long hair for such a long time there was a lot of dead, split ends, so you know what that means, chop-chop-chop :) . 


As you can see the ends are much lighter than my natural hair color, so that added to the damage. My hair was quite long. It hit right above the bum area ;) Next stop the salon ^^ It's now or never ~


The ends are piecey and I love it ! Any color you see at the ends are from previous coloring. As you can see length was definitely taken off, I'd say ~9-11 inches o.O I know, big step  ;)
A week later it's time to color!

I was going back and forth with the color I wanted. I've always wanted purple/burgundy hair, but it's an ordeal to maintain. Then I thought about a dark/medium chocolate brown maybe more on the ashier side, which I've also always wanted, but because my hair is natural dark brown I was afraid it wouldn't show unless I was under sunlight. So I talked to my stylist and you know what, I said "Let's do it!" So now I have burgundy mixed with more violet under tones to make it vibrant ^~^ I feel it's a bit more vibrant in person, but I tried my best to show the intensity. Because the color near the ends were previously colored a lighter shade, the colors pop towards the ends and it gives the appearance of lowlights creating depth to my hair. That's why some pieces might brighter than the rest. Let me know if you would like an update on the maintenance, if the vibrancy keeps and color fading. Hair is a bit poofier because while I was in the salons, they both straightened my hair while styling. I don't usually straighten my hair at all, but I'm liking the smooth and neat look it gives me n____n 

I love the new look, it makes shower time so much easier and drying time is made simple as well ^^ Yes I'll admit I miss having long hair, seeing all the gorgeous beauties out there with their long hair blowing in the wind or their cute hair styles, but its time for a change and time to move forward :) Keep in mind, hair grows back and don't be afraid to push outside your comfort zone ^^ 

I'll be going back to school soon, so the random blogging will start =/ I hope you all are doing well and for those of you who are going back or have already started school good luck on your studies and lets get through this together ^^ 

Mascara Grab | Question: Long or Short?

Hey guys, 

I've been loving this mascara lately ^^ Definitely becoming my go to item. What's your go to mascara?

I have a question for you guys, I want to know what you prefer. Would you like longer or short posts? Longer posts would include more details and pictures, while shorter posts would be short and simple with quick pictures. Let me know which style you prefer.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LookBook: OOTD: Prints & Stripes

Hello Hello My Star Angels   ^~^

When I think OOTD,  I think simple and classic, just to way I like it. ;) 

Here's me seeing if I'm in focus and trying to take a snapshot hahaha 

AHHH, shoes not shown, but I wore black sequins UGGS and added a jacket before I walked out the door. Jacket was from my post here. Handbag, also not shown, is by Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
I hope you are all staying bundled up and warm where ever you may be. It's amazing as to how cold it can get around my area. Is it also cold where you guys are? 

An updated hair post is on its way ^^ Be sure not to miss it :) 

Also, I'm on the hunt for a good eye cream, suggestions? I'm looking for something that can help with dark circles, puffiness, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, and absorbs quickly. I know I'm asking for a lot, but any clue as to what may be good? 

I'm also thinking of doing a What's In My Bag post or a Most Favorite / Most Used Products post. I'm not sure yet, what do you guys think? If you have any other suggestions as to what you would like to see from me, let me know down below :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

FOTD: Fake It

It's time to fake it ;x In a good way ;)
Just because we are feeling yucky on the inside doesn't mean we have to look that way on the outside.

-First things first, keep your skin hydrated. Many times when we are sick our skin can look very dull and pale, almost lifeless. To prevent others from being frightened by our ghostly appearance drink lots of water. Apply a moisturizing cream foundation or bb cream all over the face for an even complexion.

-To counter act our dark and puffy eyes from our lack of a good nights sleep be sure to conceal those panda eyes. Again I would recommend a product more on the creamier side, as the skin under the eyes is thin and can be quite dry. To give the eyes a bit of a lift, I suggest why concealing to use the triangle method. Use the guide line of the tear duct, down to the nostril, then up at an angle until you've hit a little past the corner of your eye.
Not only will this help lift the eye, but it will help lift your over all face giving the illusion of a well rested face.

-Fill the brows with a light hand (fuller for a more youthful look) ;) Arching the brows can slim down a puffy face as well.
Some may avoid using colors with a cool undertone such as, pinks and purples, because that can give off the look of a swollen eye. But I say as long as you use a light hand when adding color a hint of coral color on the eye never hurts :)
Finish the eyes with a liquid liner and mascara, preferably waterproof, just because my eyes tend to water more than usual when I'm sick. With the liner, try to make a think line to give your eyes a more open effect.

-Don't forget about the cheeks, keep it simple with a tint or cream type product, this will give a natural flush, but still giving you that healthy skin glow.

-Top it all off with a vibrant lip tint. This will really help wake up your look. I suggest tinted lip balms, very moisturizing and it will give you that add color your look needs.

I am still a bit sick, but I'm feeling much better! Thank you to those of you who wished me well, you guys are the best! ♥ 
I hope you all are doing well and OOTD coming up soon ^^  Stay healthy my darlings ♥~

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Zoya & FREE !

It's not too late! Don't miss out on this great deal 3 free Zoya nail polishes, just pay shipping.

In my opinion this is a great deal, especially if you have an extensive nail varnish collection like myself. Zoya polishes are great quality and there are tons of colors to choose from. Everyone is bound to find something that suits their personality :) The only hard part is choosing just 3 ;] hahaha

I've chosen my colors 

Let me know what colors you pick up ^^ Any other Zoya nail color recommendations?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

NOTD: Ease The Mind

Hate is a strong word filled with a lot of impact. One thing I hate most in the world... is being SICK!
I've been really sick the past few days =X and its been getting worse and better at the same time T^T is that even possible?! =.= Being sick is never fun! :'( My days consist of sleeping or lack of sleep, coughing, sneezing, the occasional sweats from fevering ( TT.TT ), you name it I probably have it.. :'(

It's time to Ease The Mind, here's the latest from my instagram ;]

I hope everyone is staying healthy this new year and my hearts go out to everyone who has to start out the new year sick, I'm hanging in there with you >.<

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LookBook: OOTD: Maroon & Olive

Brr tis the season to layer up and mix colors 

Please excuse the mess in the background ^~^

I wasn't able to take a full snapshot of me wearing the outfit since I was only out for about an hour and I changed into my comfy clothes as soon as a entered the door >.<
But never the less I still wanted to share with you my OOTD :)

Jacket- Yesstyle     Sweater- Zara     Cami- Forever21     Scarf- Yesstyle     Pants- Abercrombie & Fitch 

Booties- Ross

On my way out, I knew I had to dress warm today since I've been feeling a bit under the weather. :( The accessory I've been rocking out the most so happens to be a packet of tissues *sniff sniff  lol #IDontLikeBeingSick hahaha.
I also threw together these pieces, I prefer the simple look lately, since there is so much layering with the clothes I wanted the accessories to have a clean look.

Perfume- Flora by Gucci 

Again excuse the mess ^~^

I hope you all are staying safe and warm wherever you maybe. I'm going to cuddle up in my warm bed and maybe watch a drama while I slowly dose off kekeke ^~^ Have any recommendations? I'd love to know X] 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NOTD & Happy New Year 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of this soon to be glorious year ^~^
It's a new year to remember the past, keep to the present, and strive for the future. 

Let's start 2013 with a snapshot 

The photo does no justice to the vibrancy of the colors. 
If any of you are curious the colors used were from Urban Decay's Naked Palette and Stila's single eyeshadow 

Inner Corner, Inner 3rd, and Brow Bone- Virgin    Top and Bottom Middle 3rd- Half Baked      Outer 3rd- Kitten
Crease- Naked (to blend)     Lash Line- Hustle     Bottom Outer 3rd- Smog     

Top it all off with a winged eyeliner, white liner on the bottom waterline, and mascara on the top and bottom lash and WALA!

As seen on my instagram, here's a photo of my nails 
What's New Years without a little glitter ;) 
The glitter really sparkles when the light hits, truly a gorgeous sight :) 

I hope everyone stayed safe celebrating NYE ! More on the way for this up coming year ;)