Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year, New Hair ;)

By request and great feed back from you guys, I asked in a previous post, which would you prefer, longer or shorter posts? Let me know which style you rather see. For now, lets start off with a long post. Be warned this is very photo heavy ;) Lets Begin! ^^ 

What better way to start the new year then to start off with a fresh new look. Since I haven't had an actual haircut in ~1-2 years, I figured it was time ;) I decided to cut quite a bit of length. I've had long hair for such a long time there was a lot of dead, split ends, so you know what that means, chop-chop-chop :) . 


As you can see the ends are much lighter than my natural hair color, so that added to the damage. My hair was quite long. It hit right above the bum area ;) Next stop the salon ^^ It's now or never ~


The ends are piecey and I love it ! Any color you see at the ends are from previous coloring. As you can see length was definitely taken off, I'd say ~9-11 inches o.O I know, big step  ;)
A week later it's time to color!

I was going back and forth with the color I wanted. I've always wanted purple/burgundy hair, but it's an ordeal to maintain. Then I thought about a dark/medium chocolate brown maybe more on the ashier side, which I've also always wanted, but because my hair is natural dark brown I was afraid it wouldn't show unless I was under sunlight. So I talked to my stylist and you know what, I said "Let's do it!" So now I have burgundy mixed with more violet under tones to make it vibrant ^~^ I feel it's a bit more vibrant in person, but I tried my best to show the intensity. Because the color near the ends were previously colored a lighter shade, the colors pop towards the ends and it gives the appearance of lowlights creating depth to my hair. That's why some pieces might brighter than the rest. Let me know if you would like an update on the maintenance, if the vibrancy keeps and color fading. Hair is a bit poofier because while I was in the salons, they both straightened my hair while styling. I don't usually straighten my hair at all, but I'm liking the smooth and neat look it gives me n____n 

I love the new look, it makes shower time so much easier and drying time is made simple as well ^^ Yes I'll admit I miss having long hair, seeing all the gorgeous beauties out there with their long hair blowing in the wind or their cute hair styles, but its time for a change and time to move forward :) Keep in mind, hair grows back and don't be afraid to push outside your comfort zone ^^ 

I'll be going back to school soon, so the random blogging will start =/ I hope you all are doing well and for those of you who are going back or have already started school good luck on your studies and lets get through this together ^^ 


  1. I think burgundy is a gourgeous colour for the hair. It suits you well.

    Your hair were so long. 0.0

    1. Thank you ♥ ! I've had burgundy hair in the past, but forgot how it looked like on me, I'm glad you like it ^^ ♥♥

  2. Wow the burgundy looks so nice! I think even better than the brown! :) I love how 'ombre' is now the hair trend.. it makes our fading dyed hair look that much cooler :D

    1. Thank you ♥ I know, love how fading can create the looks of an 'accidentally' ombre ^^ I've had so many people ask how I did it. The key is being too lazy to touch up colors ^^ kekekeke ♥