Saturday, January 12, 2013

FOTD: Fake It

It's time to fake it ;x In a good way ;)
Just because we are feeling yucky on the inside doesn't mean we have to look that way on the outside.

-First things first, keep your skin hydrated. Many times when we are sick our skin can look very dull and pale, almost lifeless. To prevent others from being frightened by our ghostly appearance drink lots of water. Apply a moisturizing cream foundation or bb cream all over the face for an even complexion.

-To counter act our dark and puffy eyes from our lack of a good nights sleep be sure to conceal those panda eyes. Again I would recommend a product more on the creamier side, as the skin under the eyes is thin and can be quite dry. To give the eyes a bit of a lift, I suggest why concealing to use the triangle method. Use the guide line of the tear duct, down to the nostril, then up at an angle until you've hit a little past the corner of your eye.
Not only will this help lift the eye, but it will help lift your over all face giving the illusion of a well rested face.

-Fill the brows with a light hand (fuller for a more youthful look) ;) Arching the brows can slim down a puffy face as well.
Some may avoid using colors with a cool undertone such as, pinks and purples, because that can give off the look of a swollen eye. But I say as long as you use a light hand when adding color a hint of coral color on the eye never hurts :)
Finish the eyes with a liquid liner and mascara, preferably waterproof, just because my eyes tend to water more than usual when I'm sick. With the liner, try to make a think line to give your eyes a more open effect.

-Don't forget about the cheeks, keep it simple with a tint or cream type product, this will give a natural flush, but still giving you that healthy skin glow.

-Top it all off with a vibrant lip tint. This will really help wake up your look. I suggest tinted lip balms, very moisturizing and it will give you that add color your look needs.

I am still a bit sick, but I'm feeling much better! Thank you to those of you who wished me well, you guys are the best! ♥ 
I hope you all are doing well and OOTD coming up soon ^^  Stay healthy my darlings ♥~

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