Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mascara Grab | Question: Long or Short?

Hey guys, 

I've been loving this mascara lately ^^ Definitely becoming my go to item. What's your go to mascara?

I have a question for you guys, I want to know what you prefer. Would you like longer or short posts? Longer posts would include more details and pictures, while shorter posts would be short and simple with quick pictures. Let me know which style you prefer.


  1. I'm using a mascara from the brand Esthée Lauder. I don't remember the name. But I think I will try a mascara from the brand Eyeko.

    I prefer longer posts. Well... I like when there is a lot of pictures. ^^

    1. Great! Thank you so much for your feed back ^^ I'll keep everything in mind =] How are you liking that mascara so far? Always great to hear from you ♥