Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Hello Pretty People ♥~

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, in my last post I updated you guys on my recent hair change ;) A bit different than how my hair use to be right? Haha Go Big, or Go Home! ;) 

Of course the photos are a bit enhanced, just so the color would show up a bit more, but the color is still nice and vibrant enough for me x) 

 Milk Tea 
One of the most interesting milk teas with fresh cream I've ever had : ) 
I'm already craving for more ^^

This will either be the last or second to the last consistent post I will make because school is just around the corner. With my very packed schedule, I feel as though I might not have enough time to blog as often. And because I didn't want to be absent with no explanation I'm letting you guys know ahead of time, just incase you were curious. Just because I wouldn't be able to blog as much I will still be on blogger, waiting to chat with everyone ♥ 

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