Saturday, April 13, 2013

OOTD || Going on a trip!!

Hello hello

Here are some recent OOTDs, haven't had time to post so there aren't many.
But I hope you enjoy the following pics of some of the pieces I put together. Let me know what you think.

sorry my makeup is not at its best, stress + monthly = skin problems :( *sighhh 
But I wanted to show you how I played with color on my lower lashes. 

So in my former post I mentioned a little something about going to a trip. Well I will be leaving for Asia in 2 months, specifically Korea & Hong Kong!! I am thrilled to be going and can't wait to do some damage! Main goals when on my trips are have fun, explore, eat good food, and shop til there's nowhere left to shop ;D anyone else agree? If you are from or have been to either Korea and/or Hong Kong and have recommendations of shops/shopping areas & great food places, email me at or you can just leave me a comment down below. If you do have suggestions on places I must visit try to be as detailed as possible. Don't be short, love reading as much info as I can and don't be surprised if you hear from me a lot! This is a great way for me to really get to talk to you! I can't wait for all of your suggestions!

I'm also still on the hunt for bustiers!! So if you have any ideas as to wear I can get them let me know!

Question of the day: What are your favorite shops to shop at?

Actual shops and online shops ^~^
Im looking for some great new shops to check out ^^

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  1. I'm loving the turquoise color! i've been totally obsessed with pastels lately. great OOTD!

    When you get a chance, come check out my Sunnies Giveaway ^_^