Sunday, May 1, 2011

Food^~^ and Nails

hello all
woke up to a beautiful weekend morning! isnt it great to start your morning with the sun shinning brightly? very refreshing ^^
one thing that i have been loving and wearing a lot lately is leggings =)
i just cant get enough of them, they are so comfortable and relaxing to be in. They are defiantly my go to clothing i like to go for. they are such a thoughtless piece to grab n go :) i love them so much i cant think about how many pairs i have. haha
unfortunately i always seem to lose/misplace them after being washed =________= forgetful me.

what have you been loving lately? let me know down below ^~^
off to lunch with the family <3 im starving! haha
a little sneak peek of lunch [:

                                                       yummy right?! :}

honestly there was more food ordered then that but i couldnt take a picture of it quick enough before my family got to it haha
all the food was so yummy!! ^~^

SORRY, i wouldnt be able to post anytime soon. Exams.. :( but i promise i will be back as soon as im done with much to post :D cant wait now right?! haha me either.
ill end this post with a Nails of the Week post.

nothing special but i just thought i would share.
the day after i did them i got many complements :} they all said it reminded them spring/easter time =) YAY!! i love the colors! i think its cute^^ dont you?
Have a great week! Drink more water and enjoy the weather where ever you are, i know i will (=


  1. Those dumplings look yummy! I also love your nails! Super cute and totally ready for spring! Pastel colours are the best!

  2. the noodle makes me hungry :'(

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