Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blackheads No More

keep the blackheads away!

Much like others out there I am forever cursed with large pores and  blackheads. I unfortunately am not blessed with gorgeous skin. But I've found a method I feel worth mentioning. This has worked amazingly for me and I hope it will work out for you too ^~^
I'm somewhat open to trying new products, but at times I have my doubts. What can I say I'm skeptical when it comes to skincare products that claim to do so much, especially if they're high end products. Somehow I feel less guilty when it comes to trying out new products that aren't that expensive.   I admit I'm the impatient type when it comes to seeing results. But when I have enough dedication to stick to a new product I am quite surprised at times. I've been trying this method for I'd say a good few weeks now, almost a month and have been loving and noticing a big difference in my skin.


The combination of using my Clarisonic Mia along with SKII Clearing Lotion works miracles ! ok maybe im over exaggerating a bit, but this stuff seriously works!

Before i used Skinfood's Hot Sesame Mask to help open my pores and washout all the blackheads which did work and there where no blackheads to be found, sad to say the feeling was short lived. Because I only use the mask maybe once to twice a week after 2 days of using the mask blackheads would appear again. To me I will still use the mask, but I consider it to be a temporary fix, nothing permeant. But don't get me wrong, it's still a nice mask to do maybe once a week or in my case whenever I feel like I want to open my pores for an even deeper clean, but for now I'll stick to my daily  method.
I've been blackhead free for almost a month now, and for a person who struggles with blackheads through their life this is such a great achievement!

If you would like more tips and tricks when it comes to skincare let me know.
Until next time <3 ^~^


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