Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lets Relax ^~^

Happy Sunday Everyone!!
I hope you are having a relaxing sunday afternoon like i am ;) Sometime you need a day where you do nothing haha
Well.. I didnt do exactly nothing haha went out for breakfast, did grocery shopping and homework. Before I get back to studying, I thought I would share a quick go to look for everyone x)

I love glitters and sparkles <3 it ands a nice pop to any look ;)

Products used

Hope everyone enjoyed this very short post, Im off to study >.< SAD FACE! 



  1. Uwaaa, so envious of your double eyelid <333
    good luck with your study! hwaiting! ^^

  2. Aww, thanks Jennifer hon<3 I am studying as we speak ^~^ hehehe thanks for stopping by!

    Awww thank you XiXi, you're so sweet, your eyes are gorgeous as well <3 ^~^ I will continue studying hard! <3