Sunday, April 22, 2012

hello hello there my dearies
For those of you who have stayed with me this far, even with my habits of going MIA for a long time, I want to thank you for all your support. It truly means a great deal to me that you have stuck around :) <3 Even though I can not confidently say that I will be officially back to blog, I didn't want to go so long as to not update you one anything new ^^.
Everything shown has been accumulated from the past few months. I'm sure there was more, but I honestly can not remember what they were. haha Darn my short term memory.

Samples of products I want to try ^~^

 My current obsession <3 

Have any of the items shown? Let me know what you think of them. I always love hearing other peoples experiences. 
I hope my haul surfaces for my lack of blogging :(  But I am thinking of posting quick tips every once in a while. Hopefully those will become more of a regular post then my random updates. 
I do encourage everyone to follow me on instagram :) I tend to post more than blog, so for easy updates on pieces of my life be sure to check it out. Also don't forget to follow and leave a comment :) Even though I do not blog as frequently as I would like, I do check and reply back to every comment ^^ So for those of you who have left me a comment, I can't wait to talk to you again. And for those who haven't, I look forward to talking to you :) 
Again, until school is over, I can not say I will be posting regularly, but I will try to keep to my words and try to post quick tips n_____n let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions or anything tips you would like, feel free to post a comment down below :) i look forward in blog more in the future, as for now good luck with everything and keep your smile where ever life takes you. A smile says a lot <3



  1. I love this post :)
    your blog is amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much ^~^ <3 you are too sweet :)

  2. lovely stuff!!

  3. I love your pics!
    Those bracelets are cute!

    1. Thank you ;) I've gotten more bracelets sine then kekeke ^~^