Friday, December 7, 2012

Beauty Ban

As some of my followers have noticed I have collected my fair share of makeup and skincare products. While talking to my cousin, I came to the conclusion that I have WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP & SKINCARE ITEMS! haha surprised?! Not really, but after realizing this we came up with a conclusion; at least for a year I have decided to go on a beauty ban! I plan to start the day after tomorrow, since I have to replenish a few items first. XD 

Because of this ban, I hope use products that haven't see the light of day and to fall back in love with products that have been set aside.
I've set aside makeup products that I hope to use up. My goal is to hit pan on all of the products.

(Also included: brow pencil, lip stick, bb cream, and a few more items [not shown] ) 

I've set out a few rules during this band to help clarify some things and try to make it as simple as possible. And with every rule there are exceptions, so keep that in mind. 

1.) No makeup products bought within at least a 6-12 month span [with the exception of the following: brow pencil, eye shadow base]
2.) No skincare products bought within at least a 6-12 month span [with the exception of the following: eye cream, spot treatment, sun cream (sun block), setting spray]
3.) Nonmakeup items do not apply (such as: cotton pad, cotton buds, makeup wipes, cleansers, ) 

We'll see how long I am able to hold out, I will try my best to only have to purchase the necessities. I hope all goes well and I don't break the band! 
Remember no rule is set in stone, adjust the exceptions to your own needs, but try to be reasonable ;) Keep in mind that the whole point of this reduce our consumption. 

Let me know if you would like to join me in this journey, we will give each other support ^O^~!! kekeke Let me know down below what are your exceptions and products you want to hit pan on. 


  1. lol I need to go on a makeup ban as well! But I've been pretty good trying to use up the current products I own too >.< I really want to use up a foundation or BB cream though hehehe

    1. Hey Frances :)
      I know things just seem to accumulate as time goes on hahaha I'm happy to say that I'm using up some products nicely. Some things seem like they're never going to run out ;) Thank you so much for stopping by <3