Monday, July 18, 2011

First Inspired K-Pop MBLAQ Cry MV

Hey guys!
look another post! not bad right, i feel like my post have been more about hauls than anything else.not that anyone is complaining haha, but today i wanted to try something different. 

Thought I would give an inspired look a try

*I am not claiming to look like anyone who I am not

for those of you who don’t know this was inspired by Korean Pop (K-Pop) artists MBLAQ (엠블랙) in their music video Cry that released in the beginning of 2011. Ive been meaning to recreate it, but never found the time.

When the song first came out I like it from the beginning, even though those around me didn’t =/ what can I say I was a rebel^^ haha not really. It’s a nice slow song that really catches their vocals at their best, the rap is so memorizing haha am I the only one who thinks so?
After you watch it over and over again you can bust out dancing to it, im not going to lie I might have been catch once or twice imitating the dance but why not its fun! If you have the time I say definitely check them out.
Another cool thing about the video and what makes this band so unique it the under water dance scene. They move so gracefully in place in the water. We all know it must have been tough having to dance and hold your breath under water. They make it look so easy. =D

This is just one of the many looks worn in the video

 and my take on it ^^

to be quite honest I like the look a lot =) and would definetly wear this look on a night out :) Dramatic, Bold, Sexy! I LOVE IT! You can always add to your liking. Change it up, make it your own, your style. For my first try I would say not bad right? Haha I tried. As you can tell I replicated it to the best of my abilities. If you like these inspired looks let me know. ^^ maybe next time I will try to put my own spin on it ;]

haha as you can tell i tried to cover the other eye with my bangs as LeeJoon (the first picture) did.

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream
Mac Mineralized Skinfinish 
Mac Blot Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
H.I.P Black Cream Liner
H.I.P. Blue Cream Liner
Mac Climate Blue Eyeshadow
Mac Light Blue Glitter
Mac Duo Liner Black Funk/Blue Pop
Wet n Wild White liner
NYX black eyeshadow (eyebrows)

Aquafina lip balm
Mac Mineralized Skinfinish 

pictures didn’t turn out quite as how I would’ve liked but that will improve with time=) I wish I could’ve played with the camera more so it could’ve picked up all the glitter.
Sorry about the clothes, it was a totally last minute thing haha. I promise I wont be so careless next time.

Do you like K-Pop inspired looks? Let me know down below. Who would you like to see next? Post it at the bottom. ^^ 
You can thank the bestie for kicking my kick in to gear about posting this look on my blog^^ keke     Hope you all have a fun week ahead!! =) thanks for stopping by and of course thank you for all the support ^________________^

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  1. wow that look is so cool! :D i would def try that one out ^^ thanks for sharing <3