Friday, July 15, 2011

Hauls, FOTD, and updates

Hello ALL
My long awaited post, haha =_______________= sorry
Tehee but better late than never right? Haha I believe this is the hauls of all hauls haha
This haul will include things that I have picked when I went of vacation, items ordered and other things up here and there as the weeks went on. this time around there is more skincare products verses any makeup products. i just LOVE anything skincare ^^ 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN THIS POST WAS NOT PURCHASED ALL AT ONCE, IT WAS PURCHASED OVER A PERIOD OF TIME.  Again please keep that in mind ^^ I am also waiting for a couple more packages to arrive so you can count on there being another haul post ^~^
*a more detailed description on the different items will be added soon.

DISCLAIMER: everything is based on my own opinion =)


A few updates” At the moment I am in the process of studying for my CPR class. Even if you don’t have to take a course on CPR, you never know when a course like this will come in handy.
Also I am trying out my new Clarisonic Mia an I got to say I am super impressed. I have notice a big difference in the texture of my skin and the size of my pores. Now keep in mind I got this not too long ago and it also can be the result of the products I use in conjunction ^^ but none the less I really like it :] I did have to buy another brush head, one geared for sensitive skin, because I did feel like the normal was a bit harsh. My skin is not SO sensitive were I am unable to try out different products, but has sensitive moments.
I have tried the sensitive brush and still feel like it is a touch rough for me, so I might be trying the one for delicate skin soon. Another thing that I thought I might mention is that I do have a few breakouts here and there, not sure if it is because of the Clarisonic or because I have been trying a new skincare product, but I will let you guys know. Definitely let me know how the Clarisonic Mia worked for you and if you have tried the different brush heads ;) Also like always let me know if you want updates.
Moving on, something that I have fallin in love with all over again has been my Missha Perfect BB Cream =) it is simply love <3 from the texture of the creaminess to the range of coverage the it can leave, I just love it. I wore it today a I looked flawless, I’m not joking haha. My skin looked silky and smooth. My cousins even told me how youthful and soft my face looked. They also kept mentioning how much of a porcelain face I had haha that made my day =P usually ima bit self-conscious about my skin and how it looks, but not with this ^~^ Want more information or a post alone for this product? Let me know.

Did I forget to mention that HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 2 released today?! The final movie to the Harry Potter series. Its sad to see it all end L to refresh all of our memories we are rewatching the entire series J crazy right?! We are having our own Harry Potter marathon haha its amazing how into it we can get, but its all in good fun. I can’t wait to watch it in IMAX 3D! the only was to end such an epic tale =D

And thing miss?? Hmm if so I will add later (:

Here's a FOTD ;)
*will update products another time ^^


Tell me what you want to see from me, it could be anything, just ask. Would you like to see inspired looks (which will be coming up soon), hauls, reviews, fashion, OFOTD, FOTD, a day in a life, food, you request it I will do my best to fulfill it ^^ THANK YOU for supporting me, I AM TRULY GREATFUL AND WISH ALL OF YOU HAPPINESS !!


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