Tuesday, July 26, 2011


hello hello again^^
found time so i thought i would blog a little =)
i wanted to finish off the last of my huge haul haha been waiting for my package to arrive and its finally here!! n______n yay!!

and the rest are a few other things i happened to pick up, of course not all at one time
i got the following two items at the cutest shop called Francesca's Collections


 next up Laneige ^^

            the awesome lady who helped me get me so many samples!! its crazy!! <3 AMORE!!

last but not least Target hauling

shall we continue with a FOTD??
please excuse the brows, they are a work in progress haha

Now for the red lips =) in camera it looks like an orangie red, but in person it’s a true red : ) its honestly a lovely color ^^ it’s a true matte finish, but I added a touch of clear gloss
The camera also washes out the colors on the eyes =( sorry, im still learning about adjusting lighten and everything. Please bare with the process of improving quality
The look I created is a simple goldish beige on the lid and a coco brown blended from the outer edge towards the inner corner; concentrated at the lashline. Also wanted to add a bit of a smokey feel to it so I added a touch of dark brown shadow tightly across the lashline and blended it slightly so that there are no harsh lines.

I guess you can say I have created a look similar to Hyun Ah from the K-Pop group 4minute. 
If you would like me to actually create this look post a comment down below. 

Here are also a few Photos of the Day, I took pictures of some face and outfit looks but I would not know what to do with them, so I collected some and decided to put them all together in this post.
The looks pretty much consist of the same look unless stated other wise. I try to keep is simple and easy when it comes to putting on makeup everyday. n_____n
Sorry about not showing any shoes with my outfits. They were all downstairs haha but I will try to incorporate footwear in my future OOTD series.

Along with other news, I am in training to be a certified scuba diver!! YAY!! Only 2 more days of class to go. This weekend will be the final test. The test will involve 4-6 dives total.. I think. During the dives we will be asked to perform a series of tasks. If you would like to know more or ask about my experience let me know ^^
And on the subject of certification I am officially CPR certified!! YAY!! Night of cramming worked haha I was so tired. Class started at 730am and the test was given right away, I was so nervous, but I did well ^________________^ I haven’t received my official card yet, but I should be on its way.  

Im also thinking about ordering myself color contacts, but instead of ordering circle lenses like I have in the past and have so many of, I was thinking of regular colored contacts; preferably freshlook colorblends ;] ive heard so much about them I wanted to give them a try. I was thinking of brown, grey, and green n___________n what do you guys think? If you have tried these let me know your experience. 

i have also started using Naruko's Night Gelly 

its very cooling and soothing on the skin and i just love the gel texture!! i want to try it out longer before i say anything more about it. if you want a review leave a comment at the bottom :) 

OOH YEAH before i forget, not only will i be out of town starting friday but when i get back i will be getting surgery... ;( now i know what you all must be thinking SURGERY?! WAHHHH?! but fear not it is nothing major. i will be getting my wisdom teeth extracted^^ a simple and common thing everyone may go through in their life time.sad to say i will be chimpmunked face for awhile and will be unable to post on a count of me being all drugged up and resting haha
but to help time fly i will be watching dramas ^^ keke
i never found the time or patience to sit and watch an entire drama .. like i did in the beginning of the summer.. (shhhhhhhh our secret ~____^) but i figure why not! n___________n im really excited to get the teeth pulling out already so i can get started on watching haha
any good drama suggestions?? lmk (let me know) ^^ i would love to check it out!!


XOXOXOXOXO ~______________________~


  1. Please make a review on the Naruko tea tree cream. I've read on some things about tea tree oil and how it really helps with pimples. Would like to see before and after use of the tea tree if you can make it happen. ^_^ Thanks so much in advance. ^_^

  2. Hi Emma T.
    Will do ^^ I have been trying this product out for a while now and I will do my best to give a full-indepth review :) so look you can look for for that x) thanks for the request !